Now that you have become part of the Pride Shoes family, we want to let you know a little bit more about us.

Pride Shoes started three years ago with a big dream.

We dreamt that one day, not too far away, every single person, regardless of background, credo or GENDER would be able to #WalkProud.

Our shoes make #WalkingProud a reality. Every pair of Pride Shoes broadcasts the #WalkingProud message.

And every owner of every pair of Pride Shoes can wear them with Pride because respect is the cornerstone of our business. Respect is our message and respect is the way we do business.

For Pride Shoes, Respect means providing our customers with the Highest Quality products that uphold the Highest Standards of Fair Trade and are made by people who Embrace our Message.

Pride Shoes are manufactured in Spain because Spain is one of the most LBGT-friendly countries in the world and we want to support the economy of a country that embraces everyone.

Pride shoes are manufactured in Spain because Spain is a world leader in high-quality, fairly-priced footwear.

Pride shoes are manufactured in Spain because we know that our suppliers will respect their workers’ rights to a fair wage, safe working conditions and the right to exercise their voice at work.

Respect for our customers, respect for our workers and suppliers, respect for our product—-When you put on a pair of Pride Shoes, #WalkingProud is easy!

This project is a labor of love for the LGBT community. We take pride in everything we do so you can take pride every time you put on a pair of our shoes.

We are here for you.

So now, that you have decided to join us and support us, we want to thank you for helping to share our dream every time you #WalkProud with us.

We are confident that you will enjoy your Pride Shoes as much as we have loved and enjoyed making them for you.

Thank you very much for your support