Not My President Donation Campaign

Love Trumps Hate.

At Pride Shoes, we are shocked and horrified that a racist, sexist, homophobic bully now sits in the White House.

We know that America can be better than this. And we want to do our bit to help those who have been abandoned and threatened by a Government who are sworn to serve and protect them.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with All Out, a US movement for love and equality, resisting Trump and campaigning for a world in which nobody has to sacrifice their family or freedom, their safety or their dignity because of who they are or who they love.

All profits from the sale of this shoe will benefit All Out’s critical work.

We love this collaboration because it allows you - the buyer - to be part of the resistance to hatred and bigotry.

By wearing these shoes, you are sending a message of solidarity, resistance and pride to everybody around you:

I reject hate, fear and bigotry. I reject Trump. Love wins.

And you are making a vital contribution to the work to protect LGBT rights in the United States.

Together, Pride Shoes and All Out have a bold target and we need you to make it a reality. If just 2,500 people buy these shoes, the fight for LGBT rights under Trump will receive $100,000.

By the way, at Pride Shoes, we know that fair trade is a no brainer. As we proudly grow, reducing costs through cheap labour and tax evasion to obtain greater profit margins have never interested us. We believe there is more to life than financial gain.

Help us to donate $100,000

Profits will be totally addressed to a non-governmental American organization involved in LGBTIQ


Reaching 2,500 pairs Pride Shoes will donate $100,000